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What did young Ukrainian inventors give to the world of artman? Igor Yankovsky

What did young Ukrainian inventors give to the world of artman? Igor Yankovsky

Ukrainian start-ups today are delighted by users from all over the world due to their multifunctionality. Businessman Igor Yankovsky said that Ukraine has given the world at least 9 startups, which since the first days of its appearance on the market have become successful and popular not only here, but also in other countries.

The invention of Ecois.me is an application that monitors the level of electricity consumption and is able to automatically turn off electrical appliances on site if they are not needed. PetCube is a device that is designed to organize remote monitoring of pets. The owner of a cat or dog has the opportunity to entertain them with a laser beam from a distance using his mobile phone.

Helko is the virtual instructor of the gym, which monitors the actual load and calculates the optimal exercises for a particular user. FORCE emotion is a "smart" bracelet that provides constant monitoring of the physical condition of its owner. Mevics - the device whose task is to control the human posture - the owner will not stoop, which will favorably affect his health. Especially often this adaptation is bought for schoolchildren.

The invention of BioSens is a home laboratory that makes it possible to test food products for the presence of harmful substances in them for 15 minutes. The Ukrainian mini-farm is in demand with those who like to grow vegetables and berries, but do not have a dacha for this. The farm is suitable for breeding strawberries in the home with automatic irrigation and temperature control.

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